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A fun spelling game for Kids! Inspired from the Spelling-Bee competitions popular in the U.S.A, Spell-Buzz helps children practice the spelling of 92 different words. All words range from 3-8 letters and are written on thick, colourful, flying-bee shaped pieces made from cardboard. Ideal for group activities at home or school, this educational game helps children boost their knowledge while enhancing their interpersonal skills through social play. Instructions: A referee or conductor will draw a card from the box and will call the name written on it loudly. The player who is able to spell the word correctly will collect the bee, however, if one gets a buzz-bee on their turn, they will lose all the bees they own. Player with the maximum number of bees will win the game. Perfect for kindergarten, preschool, elementary school, homeschooling, ESL education, students, family, teachers.


  • SPELLING GAME / WORD GAME: Learn 92 WORDS through this fun educational game inspired by Spelling Bee Competitions. Includes 3-8 letter words.
  • SKILLS – Improves Language – Boosts knowledge – Improves interpersonal skills through social play – Enhances memory and cognitive skills – Builds self-esteem
  • AGES: 4-8 years; PLAYTIME: 20-25 minutes; NUMBER OF   PLAYERS: 1-10; Great Learning Game to play at home with one child or multiple kids. Great Birthday Party Favor for 5 years and up
  • GAMEPLAY: Pick out a bee piece and spell the word written on it. Spell correctly to collect the bees. If you pick BUZZ bee piece you lose all the bees collected as the bee stings you!
  • CONTENTS: 100+ brightly-coloured flying-bee spelling cards. Includes 92 WORDS, 8 BUZZ PIECES; IDEAL for homeschool students, elementary school teachers, classroom teaching


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Spell Buzz | Spelling Games For Kids
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